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Our Mission
"Providing quality public services for a better Albany community."
Our Vision
"A vital and diverse community that promotes a high quality of life, great neighborhoods, balanced economic growth, and quality public services."
Our Values
The City of Albany’s Strategic Plan is guided by three fundamental elements: our mission, our vision, and our core values. Our Mission Statement is based on the principles of high quality and continuous improvement. Our Vision Statement presents a compelling future toward which our Strategic Plan is directed. Both our mission and our vision are founded on the following basic values that guide all of our actions and that reflect what we expect from our employees and our elected officials:

Transparent, Open, and Honest Government.

This value reflects our first and most important responsibility. Our competence is measured and, in fact, reinforced through active engagement of those we serve. We maintain an organizational reputation for openness, honesty, and integrity.

Dedication to Service.

Our primary duty is to the people we serve. We are accessible, responsive, consistent, and understanding. We provide assistance beyond our customers’ expectations, and we find effective solutions to problems that they bring to our attention.

Fiscal Responsibility.

Proper use of public resources is a trust which we continually guard. In our management of this trust, we must avoid even the appearance of impropriety. In our management of public funds, we constantly strive for the greatest possible efficiency and effectiveness to sustain affordable services.

Personal Honesty and Integrity.

Each of us demonstrates the highest standards of personal integrity and honesty in our public activities to inspire confidence and trust in our government.


We continually pursue excellence by being creative, professional, taking risks, showing initiative, and being committed to our community and team. In this pursuit, we support continuing education and training for all team members.


We are a team that emphasizes high levels of trust and cooperation and a commitment to excellent communications within the organization. We encourage employees to exercise independent judgment in meeting customer needs through professional behavior that is consistent with our values. 

A Humane and Diverse Organization.

We are a humane organization that honors diversity and protects individual rights. Open communication, respect for others, compassion, and a sense of humor contribute to our positive work environment. We make it possible for every employee to achieve his or her full potential. We value the cultural and social diversity that is reflected in our community, and we welcome the changes and new perspectives that this diversity brings to us. We protect those individuals whose basic rights are placed in jeopardy.

Why Do Strategic Planning?

If our Mission and Vision Statements are to have any meaning, they must be accompanied by deliberate planning efforts to move the organization and the community toward a desired future. This requires clearly defined goals, proactive objectives, committed leadership, and effective management. Above all, it requires managing the forces of change. Those forces include community demographics, state and federal mandates, fiscal constraints, economic conditions, emerging technologies, and many other influences on our service delivery efforts. High performing organizations are those that learn to anticipate and adapt to change by creating value for those we serve, and motivation and meaning for those who serve them. The best tool for accomplishing these objectives is strategic planning.

Strategic Plan Themes

Our Strategic Plan has four primary themes that reflect our Mission and Vision Statements: Great Neighborhoods, a Safe City, a Healthy Economy, and an Effective Government. Specific goals, objectives, and actions move the organization toward our vision of the future.

Each theme is followed by the City’s primary goals in that subject area for the foreseeable future. The goals should remain constant over time and should only be revised to reflect significant community changes or unanticipated events. A list of measurable objectives with benchmarks helps us track progress toward the goals. Objectives are generally identified to cover the five-year planning period from the date they are adopted or revised. Actions are the steps needed to meet the objective. Many more strategies and actions will be developed at the department and division level to align the entire organization with the goals and objectives.

This plan is intended as a work in progress. While the mission, vision, values, and goals should remain constant, the objectives and actions will need periodic review and refinement. We will track progress through regular reporting on the measures, and they will be incorporated into department, organization, and community publications. The annual Budget and Capital Improvement Program will serve as reporting and implementing policy documents, identifying relationships with the Strategic Plan. The Comprehensive Plan, Transportation System Plan, Water Master Plan, Sewer Master Plan, Parks Master Plan, Hazard Mitigation Plan, Urban Forestry Management Plan, and related planning documents also support this Strategic Plan.

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