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The intent of the Cadet Program is to educate and involve youth in police operations, and to interest them in law enforcement functions, whether they enter police work or not. Through involvement, the Cadet program establishes an awareness of the complexities of police service.

Cadets are given an opportunity to see firsthand the efforts of police officers. Additionally, police officers who are frequently involved with youth with criminal offenses get to experience the positive side of young America. The law enforcement community can invest in its own future through relationships with fit and capable young adults. If you would like more information, please contact the Albany Police Department at 541-917-7680.

Eligibility requirements:

Age: 16 through 20 years old. Grade point average of 2.25 in high school and/or college. Upon completion of high school, must attend college part or full-time or work part or full-time. Maintain a good moral character and clean record. Maintain an appearance and demeanor that meets the standards of the Police Department. Is a responsible citizen in the community with a good reputation. Has full approval of parent or guardian and assurance of parental support and cooperation. Possess a valid Oregon Drivers License, or be able to obtain one within two months of appointment to the post. Shall be allowed to ride with an approved officer a maximum of 36 hours each calendar month. If less than 18 years of age, shall ride on patrol no later than midnight on any night. Shall participate in public relations, security, and other events. Shall work a minimum of five hours of administrative time, (filing, citation entry, dispatch, etc.) depending on their assignment.

For more information call 541-917-7680.

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