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Community Service Officers

Community Service Officers play an integral part of Albany Police Department’s ability to meet our community’s needs. Community Service Officers are uniformed, civilian professionals dedicated to responding to specific non-emergent calls for service for patrol.

Duties Community Service Officers routinely perform include:

  • Abandoned automobiles
  • Albany Municipal Code enforcement specific to junk and trash violations
  • Animal Control
  • Assist Police Officers with large scale evidence collection
  • Community events such as parades
  • Found property collection (property abandoned by the owner)
  • IAP – Major Incident After-Care (After a major incident we send a team into the “line of sight” neighborhood and inform neighbors of the incident and answer questions concerning quality of life issues impacting their neighborhoods)
  • Investigate crimes such as theft from a motor vehicle, graffiti, and vandalism
  • Parking complaints (downtown parking is handled separately by the Albany Downtown Association's Parkwise program)
  • Sex offender registrations
  • Subpoena service for Albany Municipal Court
  • Traffic control around crash sites and during events held in the city
  • Radar trailer deployments
Accident scene, Community Service Officers assist with traffic

Crime Prevention Specialist

The Albany Police Department currently has one Crime Prevention Specialist committed to educating community members on how to keep from becoming crime victims as well as identifying trends and problem areas to determine long term solutions.

A few programs the Crime Prevention Specialist coordinates include:

Contact Lieutenant Buck Pearce at 541-917-3209 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

School Resource Officers

Two sworn Police Officers are assigned to the Community Resource Unit to work in the Albany schools.

The primary function of the officers is to serve as a resource to the school administration and the student body, address crime in the schools, and to create a safe and secure learning environment. 

These officers are also trained to teach school safety classes for all ages.

During the summer months, officers may be deployed using police bicycles during their normal course of duty. Specific bicycle assignments take advantage of the benefits of using a bicycle on patrol such as summer concerts or special community events.

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