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FireMed costs just $70 per year

FireMed is a membership program designed by the City of Albany Fire Department to provide affordable ambulance service to the community. It is not insurance, but is prepaid coverage in excess of any health insurance or medical benefits. FireMed provides 24-hour ambulance service for your entire family.

Effective July 1, 2022 FireMed memberships will transition to a revolving yearly renewal. Sign up any time and get a full 12 months of coverage.

Complete Family Coverage

  • One small annual fee covers all permanent members of your household. 
  • The person who signs the application form will be Primary Member
  • Household members include:
    • All permanent residents living at your address.
    • Spouse or dependents living in a nursing home or residential care facility, if the facility is within the FireMed service area.

Cost Savings

Ambulance service is expensive. Unfortunately, ambulance costs are seldom paid in full by insurance companies or Medicare. When “medically necessary” ambulance services are provided to members, FireMed will handle all insurance billings and waive those costs, such as co-payments and deductibles, which are not covered by insurance.


Dealing with insurance companies and Medicare is never easy. When you become a FireMed member, you never have to submit your own ambulance bills. All ambulance claims are processed and submitted by our professional billing staff. This group of dedicated individuals has been trained to understand the complicated and ever-changing rules and procedures for the many insurance companies and Medicare.

firemed coverage map

Community Support

Your FireMed membership fees are used to improve the ambulance service in your community. Livesaving equipment and training are expensive. Your support helps FireMed invest in up-to-date medical technology and provides opportunities for advanced training to your paramedics and emergency medical technicians.

Traveling? You’re covered with the Oregon FireMed Network

When you join FireMed, the largest and most successful ambulance membership program in the nation, you also gain access to the Oregon FireMed Network. With over 142,000 members and covering 45,000 square miles, you will have peace of mind that wherever you travel in Oregon, your FireMed membership will be honored by any of the other 56 FireMed agencies at no extra cost!

FireMed Services

Services Covered:

  • Emergency pre-hospital medical care and ambulance transportation.
  • All emergency services must originate within the Albany FireMed area or in other areas of the state that participate in the Oregon FireMed Network.
  • Hospital tansfers that are medically necessary and authorized by a physician.

Services NOT Covered:

  • Transportation for non-medical situations when a private vehicle, taxi, or wheelchair and stretcher van service can be used.
  • Transport to / from doctors’ offices or clinics.
  • Transport from nursing homes for treatment normally provided in the nursing home.
  • Transport home from a medical facility when the patient’s condition does not warrant an ambulance.
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