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Direct Lobbying

The city does not use a lobbying firm for general lobbying activities.

Elected officials may from time to time advocate for or against legislation either as individuals or as a result of a position officially adopted by the City Council. Any Council actions taken can be found in the minutes of the City Council.

Professional Organizations & Memberships

The following listing contains information about those organizations that the city, or city staff, have membership in. Some of these entities may engage in lobbying activities; others may not. Albany is reporting all memberships listed in our financial system.

The organizations shown below are often professional organizations that are used to keep abreast of information relating to the area of interest of the organization and/or to maintain professional certifications of staff. The organizations may or may not engage in advocacy for or against legislation or issues pending before governmental agencies.

Positions taken by an organization the city is affiliated with do not necessarily reflect the views of the Albany City Council. The official views of the Council are found in minutes of their meetings, and are generally reported in the Albany Democrat-Herald.

The membership amounts shown are the total membership cost, not the cost per membership, and should not be viewed as amounts spent solely on lobbying activities. Information about each organization and their activities can be found by following the links provided.

City-wide Memberships Albany Area Chamber of Commerce $1,910
City-wide Memberships Albany Downtown Association $175
City-wide Memberships League of Oregon Cities $33,462
City-wide Memberships Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments $50,471
City-wide Memberships Oregon Mayors Association $188
City Manager 3CMA, City-County Communications & Marketing Association $390
City Manager Association of Oregon Redevelopment Agencies $750
City Manager Association of Records Managers and Administrators $210
City Manager International City/County Management Association $1,221
City Manager International Institute of Municipal Clerks $150
City Manager Oregon Association of Municipal Recorders $50
City Manager Oregon City/County Management Association $325
City Manager Oregon Economic Development Association $750
City Manager Rotary Club of Albany $270
City Manager Total Employer Cost of Compensation (TECC) Program (3 years) $2,800
Community Development American Institute of Certified Planners $1,678
Community Development American Institute of Certified Planners (for CDBG) $378
Community Development Association of State Flood Plain Managers $500
Community Development International Code Council $135
Community Development Oregon Building Officials Association $500
Community Development Oregon City Planning Directors Association $100
Community Development Oregon Code Enforcement Association $75
Community Development Oregon Fire Marshals Association $55
Community Development Project Management Institute $149
Finance American Payroll Association $275
Finance Government Finance Officers Association $595
Finance Institute of Financial Management $695
Finance National Institute of Governmental Procurement $190
Finance Oregon Association for Court Administrators $409
Finance Oregon Government Finance Officers Association $315
Finance Oregon Municipal Judges Association $95
Finance Oregon Public Purchasing Association $50
Finance Oregon Public Risk Management Association $105
Finance Project Management Institute $150
Finance Willamette Chapter American Payroll Association $25
Fire Greater Albany Rotary $612
Fire International Association of Arson Investigators $400
Fire International Association of Fire Chiefs $558
Fire National Fire Protection Association $175
Fire Oregon Emergency Management Association $200
Fire Oregon Fire Chiefs Association $720
Fire Oregon Fire Service Museum $126
Fire Oregon Fire Service Office Administrators $120
Fire Takena Kiwanis Club $130
Human Resources Employers Partnership for Diversity $500
Human Resources International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans $325
Human Resources International Public Management Association for Human Resources $397
Human Resources Local Government Personnel Institute $1,620
Human Resources National Public Employer Labor Relations Association $350
Human Resources Society for Human Resources Management $627
Information Technology Information System Audit and Control Association $160
Information Technology International City/County Management Association $1,170
Information Technology National Association of Government Web Professionals $125
Information Technology National Technical Investigators' Association $150
Information Technology Oregon City/County Management Association $318
Information Technology Project Management Institute $150
Information Technology URISA Association for GIS Professionals $175
Library American Library Association $953
Library International Association of Administrative Professionals $150
Library Oregon Library Association $745
Parks and Recreation Crime Prevention Association of Oregon $40
Parks and Recreation International Society of Arboriculture $310
Parks and Recreation Learning Resources Network $395
Parks and Recreation National Arbor Day Foundation $30
Parks and Recreation National Recreation and Park Association $1,000
Parks and Recreation New Business Generations $40
Parks and Recreation Oregon ASA Softball $2,400
Parks and Recreation Oregon Festival & Events Association $100
Parks and Recreation Oregon Recreation & Park Association $1,100
Parks and Recreation Oregon USSSA Softball League $2,400
Parks and Recreation Secretary of State Corporation Division $50
Parks and Recreation State of Oregon Department of Justice $10
Police Albany Rifle & Pistol Club $2,448
Police Association of Public Safety Communication Officials $120
Police FBI National Academy Associates Membership $270
Police Greater Albany Rotary $610
Police International Association for Property & Evidence $100
Police International Association of Chiefs of Police $500
Police International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists $75
Police International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts $50
Police National Tactical Officers Association $40
Police National Technical Investigators? Association $50
Police Northwest Police Accreditation Coalition $100
Police Northwest Regional Crime Analyst Network Membership $30
Police Oregon Animal Control Council $65
Police Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police $500
Police Oregon Code Enforcement Association $75
Police Police Executive Research Forum $475
Police Takena Kiwanis Club $110
Police Willamette Criminal Justice Council $1,330
Public Works American Association of Airport Executives $300
Public Works American Public Works Association $1,600
Public Works American Society of Civil Engineers $270
Public Works American Water Works Association $200
Public Works American WaterWorks Association (Utility Membership) $3,800
Public Works Association for Commuter Transportation $925
Public Works Association of State Flood Plain Managers $160
Public Works Association of Travel Instruction $200
Public Works East Linn Utilities Coordinating Council $125
Public Works Government Finance Officers Association $150
Public Works Institute of Transportation Engineers $300
Public Works International Municipal Signal Association $160
Public Works League of Oregon Cities $1,700
Public Works Linn Benton Utilities Coordinating Council $175
Public Works National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA/ACWA) $5,650
Public Works National Association of Sewer Service Companies $325
Public Works National Fire Protection Association $1,400
Public Works Northwest Biosolids Management Association $1,100
Public Works Oregon Airport Management Association $125
Public Works Oregon Association of Water Utilities $200
Public Works Oregon Transit Association $1,200
Public Works Oregon Water Utilities Council $2,100
Public Works Pacific NW Clean Water Association $50
Public Works Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon $220
Public Works Project Management Institute $150
Public Works SCADA Professional Society $200
Public Works Springbrook National Users Group $100
Public Works Water Environment Federation $733
Public Works Water Information Sharing & Analysis Center $1,999
Public Works Wonderware Users Group $450
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