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Updates to e-Permitting in Accela Citizen Access

Here are the services offered though our e-Permitting site:

Building Permit Applications

You are now able to apply for all building permits, provide construction documents, and pay for review fees in a single transaction.

Public Works Applications

We are also excited you can now apply for Encroachment and Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control applications.

ePlans (Electronic Plan Review)

Electronic plan review is integrated into this system allowing you to create an application, submit your plans, and monitor application status without waiting for an invitation or using a separate system.

Updated Record Statuses

Better track your projects through the process with clearer record statuses: know when an application may have been deemed incomplete, when a plan review letter is available, when fees are due, and when the permit is issued. A full list and definitions of existing and new statuses is available in our guides and tutorials above.

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