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Note: Documents submitted to the City of Albany are generally presumed to be public records subject to inspection and copying upon request.

The City of Albany is in the process of updating our applications, checklists, worksheets, and handouts to accommodate the passage of Oregon HB2001. Please check back soon, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call 541-917-7550 for more information.   Planning  NOTICE:
Land Use Application   Yes Planning Applications
We are excited to announce that all building, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical permit applications are now available at the City of Albany’s ePermitting site Through this service you are now able to apply, upload your plans, and pay any required plan review fees in a single transaction.    Yes Building Applications
2021 OESC - Electrical Inspection Checklist   Building Checklists
2021 OPSC - Plumbing Inspection Checklist   Building Checklists
2021 Code Change Guide   Building Handouts
Accessible Parking   Building Handouts
Accessory Structures Compatibility Worksheet   Building Handouts
Accessory Structures   Building Handouts
Address Request - New Lots and Subdivision   Building Forms
Address Request - Existing Lot   Building Forms
Adjustment   Planning Checklists
Annexations   Planning Checklists
Appeal Notice - Request for Public Hearing   Planning Applications
Commercial Plan Review   Building Checklists
Comprehensive Plan & or Zone Map Amendment   Planning Checklists
Conditional Use  Yes Planning Checklists
Development Code Text Amendment   Planning Checklists
Dividing Land in the City of Albany   Planning Handouts
Drainage   Building Applications
Electric Fence Standards   Planning Handouts
Encroachment Permit   Yes Public Works Applications
Energy Tables   Building Handouts
Environmental Service Non-Residential Plumbing   Public Works Checklists
Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control   Yes Public Works Applications
Fencing Standards   Planning Handouts
Fire Department Connection Locking Caps and Plugs   Fire Handouts
Fire Site Plan Review   Fire Checklists
Floodplain Development Permit Application for Building Permits   Yes Building Applications
Floodplain Development Land Use Review   Planning Checklists
General Building Code Requirements - Apartment Structures   Building Handouts
General Building Code Requirements - Commercial Kitchen   Building Handouts
General Building Code Requirements - Commercial Structures   Building Handouts
General Building Code Requirements - Land Division   Building Handouts
General Building Code Requirements - Mini Storage   Building Handouts
General Building Code Requirements - Restaurants   Building Handouts
General Building Code Requirements - Tenant Improvement   Building Handouts
General Building Code Requirements - Work Without Permits   Building Handouts
Grade, Fill and Excavation Determinations   Public Works Handouts
Grading, Fill and Excavation   Public Works Handouts
High-Efficiency Lighting   Building Forms
Historic Review of Exterior Alteration   Planning Checklists
Historic Review Demolition or Moving   Planning Checklists
Historic Review New Construction    Planning Checklists
Historic Review of Substitute Materials   Planning Checklists
Home Business Standards    Planning Handouts
Home Owner's Statement   Building Forms
Land Division Plat - Final   Planning Checklists
Land Division Plat - Tentative   Planning Checklists
Land Division Replat - Tentative   Planning Checklists
Land Use Status Request  Yes Planning Applications
Medical Marijuana Facility Application   Planning Applications
Modification of an Approved Site Plan Review or Conditional Use Application   Planning Checklists
Moisture Sensitive Content   Building Forms
Moving a House   Building Handouts
Natural Resource - Boundary Refinement   Planning Checklists
Natural Resource - Impact Site Plan Review   Planning Checklists
Natural Resource - Mitigation Supplement   Planning Handouts
2017 ORSC - New Home Inspection Checklist   Building Checklists
2021 ORSC - New Home Inspection Checklist   Building Checklists
NFPA 13-D, Insulation for Residential Fire Sprinkler   Building Handouts
Nonconforming Situations   Planning Checklists
Non-Visible Vapor Barrier   Building Forms
Permit Exemptions: Commercial and Multifamily   Building Handouts
Permit Exemptions: One and Two-Family   Building Handouts
Plan Review Checklist - 2021 ORSC Alterations   Building Checklists
Plan Review Checklist - 2021 ORSC Conversions   Building Checklists
Plan Review Checklist - 2021 ORSC New Additions and Accessory Structures   Building Checklists
Planned Development - Final   Planning Checklists
Planned Development - Preliminary   Planning Checklists
Post-Construction Stormwater Quality Permit   Public Works Applications
Pre-Application Meeting  Yes Planning Handouts
Property Line Adjustment   Planning Checklists
Residential Accessory Structure Compatibility Worksheet    Planning Worksheets
Residential District Development Standards   Planning Handouts
Residential Energy Code Requirements (2008)   Building Handouts
Restroom - Drinking Fountain Requirements   Building Handouts
Road Closure Permit   Parks & Recreation Applications
Sales/Seating Encroachment Application – Temporary (SEAT)   Public Works Applications
Site Improvement Construction Permit   Public Works Applications
Site Improvement Drawing and Specification Review   Public Works Applications
Site Plan Review   Planning Checklists
Site Plan Review - Accessory Building   Planning Checklists
Site Plan Review - Tree Felling   Planning Checklists
Soils Report Requirements   Building Handouts
Special Inspection Agreement   Building Forms
Suspended Ceilings - Commercial Buildings   Building Handouts
Temporary Merchant   Police Applications
Temporary Placement of a Manufactured Home   Planning Checklists
Temporary Right-of-Way (ROW) Sign Permit   Police Applications
Temporary Use of a Recreational Vehicle as Housing (up to 90 days)   City Manager Applications
Tree Permit   Parks & Recreation Applications
Vacation   Planning Checklists
Variance - Minor   Planning Checklists
Variance - Major   Planning Checklists
Waste Nonconnection Permit   City Manager Applications
Water Meter Permit   Public Works Applications
Willamette River Greenway Use   Planning Checklists
Window Flashing Guideline   Building Handouts
Zoning Map Amendment   Planning Checklists

Recent updates...

Planning Application (coming soon)

Soon you will be able to apply with a single application for all of your planning cases with a corresponding application checklist for the style of application.

2021 Oregon Specialty Codes

The published Residential (ORSC), Plumbing (OPSC), Electrical (OESC), and the Energy Efficiency (OEESC) codes are posted online and are viewable in a read only format. All applications will now utilizes these codes as their basis for the design and installations.  In preparation for the 2021 codes, we have created the following inspection checklists as part of our quality assurance program.

Middle Housing in Albany

Albany and other cities in Oregon are facing a housing affordability crisis. Oregon is one of the fastest-growing states in the U.S.; however, housing production has not kept up with the demand.

The Oregon Legislature passed House Bill 2001 (HB 2001) in August 2019 to help provide Oregonians with more housing choices, especially housing choices that more people may be able to afford in the long term.

Learn more...

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