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The Albany Revitalization Agency (ARA) promotes revitalization within the boundaries of an urban renewal district through investment in public infrastructure and public/private partnerships. The agency also establishes activities and funds programs in response to private sector needs while balancing the interests of the community at large.

Albany Revitalization Agency


  • The City Council serves as the Albany Revitalization Agency. Term of office coincides with term on City Council.

City Staff Liaison

Seth Sherry
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Upcoming Meetings

ARA meets as-needed.

November 28, 2022, 5:15pm
Immediately following Council Meeting
Council Chambers, City Hall

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Agency Meeting Materials

November 28, 2022
Special meeting with City Council
November 16, 2022  Available after meeting 
August 17, 2022   
June 15, 2022   
May 11, 2022 unavailable;
April 25, 2022  
April 13, 2022  
February 16, 2022  
January 19, 2022  
*Minutes are posted when they are approved by the body at a subsequent meeting.

ARA Budget Committee


Term of office: coincides with term on the Budget Committee

  • Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary will be appointed at the first meeting of 2021
  • The Budget Committee serves as the ARA Budget Committee.

City Staff Liaison

Jeanna Yeager
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Upcoming Meetings

ARA Budget Committee meets as-needed.

There are no upcoming meetings scheduled for this group.

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ARA Budget Committee Meeting Materials


There are no documents available for this group in 2022.

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