Holiday Greetings

I am hoping for a good Christmas after a very difficult Thanksgiving.  I don’t know that I’ve been particularly good this year, but surely being really sick during the last holiday should merit some positive consideration from Santa.  Our family Thanksgiving gathering was further compromised by the discovery of lice on three of the grandchildren’s heads.  My head itches just writing about it.

I should probably be grateful that I recovered in time to watch the annual Beaver thumping, although I had to give up my tickets to my son and grandson as a birthday present.  Game day was spent cleaning every room in our house and washing everything that could be washed.  My wife made the decision to close off two bedrooms for two weeks after they were cleaned, apparently working under the assumption that any remaining lice will starve to death if no fresh blood is available.  I hope she’s right.

My wife and I will be leaving for California next week to celebrate Christmas with my daughter and her family.  I mistakenly believed that Southern California is sunny and warm through the winter until checking recent weather forecasts and discovering it’s cloudy and around 55 degrees at my daughter’s home.  Our biggest reasons for going, though, will be bright and cheery, as the pictures below illustrate.






Sadly, Owen smacked Madelyn with a broom during Thanksgiving, prompting a hasty visit to the Emergency Room for three stitches.  I’m hoping that like my illness and the head lice, all the bad karma took place over Thanksgiving.  It should be a great visit.

The visit will not include a trip to the Rose Bowl, even though we will be staying less than two hours away from the site.  Tickets to the game start at $250 apiece for really bad seats; and, while I consider myself to be a rabid Duck fan (see paragraph 2), I am too cheap to pay big money to watch ants scurrying around on a distant field.

Please accept my best wishes for a joyous holiday season.  Our Thanksgiving was a little rough this year; but we have many reasons to be grateful as Christmas approaches, and I hope the same is true for you and your families.