Even the Old Can Blog

I can only imagine what my late parents would have thought if I had told them 50 years ago that I wanted to grow up to be a blogger.  My recollection of their aspirations for me includes an undeviating command to complete college and get a “good job.”  They weren’t very pleased with my early desire to be a Marine, so it’s a good guess that blogging would not have been high on their list either.

The truth, of course, is that I don’t really blog for a living.  Arguably, I just started blogging last week when Matt Harrington made some adjustments to the way my weekly column is published on our Website.  I decided to try entering the 21st century as a way to encourage communication.  People haven’t been shy about responding to my writing over the past three years, but adding the blog feature may inspire commentary I would otherwise not see.  It may even inspire commentary I would rather not see.

My blog may be a little different than many that appear on the Web.  My goal is to inform and entertain, rather than to provoke.  I don’t write to make people mad or uncomfortable.  City managers seem to accomplish those ends without even trying.  My hope is that those who read the blog will have a better understanding of city issues and the city manager.  

I may even get helpful suggestions about how to deal with tough situations.  I received the following message last week from our previous city manager:

Hi Wes,

Your first mistake was to suggest that the permit for excess numbers of dogs be issued by the city manager.  Clearly, you should have given that responsibility to the councilors from the dog owner’s ward.  My other suggestion is that you re-introduce the cat licensing ordinance for having more than two cats simply as an equal opportunity measure.  Always glad to help…


The blogosphere includes many difficult personalities.  Despite this danger, I’m optimistic about the new format and look forward to intelligent responses to my writing.

I would also like to recommend Marilyn Smith’s blog, accessible through the Democrat-Herald Website.  Marilyn is writing about the challenges of helping aging parents, which is something my children should be reading.  

Blogging is available to anyone with access to a computer and it seems to be attracting ever more attention.  I appreciate the chance to share my thoughts with employees and others who are interested in city issues.  I would guess that my parents would approve of blogging once they learned it’s really just a new way of corresponding.