The year Jim Delapoer began working for the City of Albany, Gerald Ford was President of the United States; the average life expectancy of an American was 72.9 years; there was a little more than 218 million people in the U.S.; unemployment was measured at 7.7 percent; the homicide rate was about 9 per one hundred thousand; the annual inflation rate was 5.8 percent; interest rates averaged about 6.5 percent; and the federal debt was $629 billion. Today, the national debt is over $19.5 trillion; Americans live to be, on average, 78.8 years old; the U.S. population rounds up to 325 million; the homicide rate is about 4.5 per one hundred thousand; unemployment stands at 5 percent; last year’s inflation rate was 0.1 percent; interest rates are at about 3 percent and the President is Barack Obama.

We can conclude from these statistics that Jim has cut the national homicide rate in half; lowered unemployment by more than 2.5 percent; added nearly 6 years to our life expectancy; elected the nation’s first African-American President; increased the U.S. population by about one-third; wiped out inflation; reduced interest rates by 50 percent; and all at a cost of a little less than $19 trillion in additional debt. While Jim is a humble guy and would only claim credit for a few of these accomplishments, there is no doubt that our world has changed since 1976.

If you wonder why our culture is what it is today, consider that the top-ten-rated television shows in 1976 included Charlie’s Angels, The Six Million Dollar Man, Happy Days (top-rated show), and Laverne and Shirley (#2). Silly Love Songs by Wings was, unimaginably, the most popular song that year, while Disco Lady and Play that Funky Music also found their way into the top five. Some interesting movies came out in 1976, and the most popular was Taxi Driver, followed by Rocky, Carrie, and Logan’s Run. I was surprised to see that the fifth most popular movie of 1976 was The Message, starring Anthony Quinn, which told the story of the prophet Mohammed. The Academy Award winner for best picture was One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

The Oldsmobile Cutlass was the bestselling car in 1976, and the average gas price that year was 65¢ per gallon. Apple Computer was born on April Fools’ Day, and shortly thereafter, Jim graduated from the University of Oregon Law School. Jim’s true achievements as Albany’s City Attorney are too numerous to list here, except to say that he has been an extraordinary resource for city councils and staff members throughout his tenure. Jim’s advice has saved the City countless dollars and helped us recover millions when contracts have been breached. Most importantly to me, Jim is a consistent advocate for doing the right thing to serve the community while being considerate of individual interests.

I doubt that Jim ever owned an Oldsmobile Cutlass because he’s something of a car snob, but I would bet he watched an episode or two of Charlie’s Angels to acquaint himself with the technical aspects of private investigation. Age changes us, and I know he’s looking forward to hunting trips and more time with family in retirement. Whatever he decides to do, he’s earned my gratitude and best wishes for the future.